Monday, September 1, 2008

Excavation and Grading

Grading started two weeks ago as scheduled. We are done with the first round.

We are putting in a septic system tomorrow (Sept. 2nd, 2008) and then do the final grade.

Here are some pictures from the site.


Avani Zaidi

Start of the grading, working on the east side of the lot.

Excavating the site, moving the soil.

Family picture time...

Rough grading done for the courtyard entry and the living room (for concrete slab foundation).

Shipping containers will be set on raised foundation, south of the concrete slab.

Space for the kitchen and family room which will also be on a raised foundation.

Backyard, now almost at the same grade as the house.

All the boulders and rocks from the excavation.

Isha having a great time, climbing on the rocks...

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